Deco – ‘Brakes On’

Wrestling with fiery synths and beguiling retro undertones, Deco offers a lavish escape with latest serving ‘Brakes On’.

Simply put, ‘Brakes On’ is a classic. Deco repeatedly delivers exquisite glossy pop for the ages, it’s kind of their thing. The latest edition to their immaculate catalogue encapsulates pre-relationship decision making of either quitting whilst you’re both ahead or opting in to give love a whirl.

With prominent influences lifted from the likes of 80s superstar George Michael, ‘Brakes On’ could easily identify as a b-side for Wham!’s gleaming ‘Club Tropicana’.

Frontman Max Kendall details the track’s background: “The first verse sees us enjoying a casual fling, until the chorus storms in like the fear of commitment itself. This is one of our favourite tracks to date actually, and in some ways, it feels like a coming of age song. We’ve always wanted to write the music we love and grew up listening to, and that’s always been the bottom line. In ‘Brakes On’ you’ll find everything from Madonna to George Michael, and Friendly Fire to Metronomy – it’s a real celebration of everything we’re about”.

If you like it, don’t stop” sings Max. He’s right, we’re absorbed with this. Will we be taking it off of loop? Never.

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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