deep tan – ‘camelot’

East-London three-piece deep tan are back with their obscure but snappy single ‘camelot’ 

deep tan’s new single comes alongside the news of their upcoming EP, ‘creeping speedwells.’ ‘camelot’ is an accolade and, a tale about a heavy night on the town – with a quick and snappy bounce to it and dark aura, it seeps with electronics that fulfills their post-punk status. 

Speaking on the track, the three-piece said “‘camelot’ is an unashamed tribute to ‘the sesh’. a group of people have just been evicted with only 48hrs notice, leading them to have one last rager in order to forget about the stress of not finding a new home with such short notice. coming in at less than two minutes, the frenetic energy of the track sets the scene for total obliteration

‘creeping speedwells’ is released on the 4th of June. 

Tracklist: 1. ‘do you ever ascend?’, 2. ‘hollow scene’, 3. ‘camelot’, 4. ‘deepfake’ 

Image: Chino Moya 


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