Dictator – ‘Hide and Seek’

Dictator are back, and they’re more emotional than ever in their brand new single ‘Hide and Seek’. The Scottish quartet is prepared to expose themselves in this new gut-wrenching track, get ready.

Invoking an instant eeriness with gentle guitar strokes Dictator piques your interest straight away, quickly following up with something slightly foreign in the terms of vocals – an emotionally dense change from frontman Michael as if there is a massive weight on his shoulders. The tranquil bass licks goes on to only make things more atmospheric and the song quickly becomes a very fragile experience.

Everything fits together perfectly around halfway through the six-minute-long tear-jerker with synths enhancing vocals at the apex of the ballad. Dictator are on the cusp of very, very great things being one of many rising stars coming out of Scotland we expect them to be one of the very best if they keep producing quality material with soaring vocals like these.

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor



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