Eades – ‘Present in the Moment’

Leeds-based indie-punk outfit Eades step their way into 2021, delivering their new riff racing single ‘Present in the Moment’: Enter the acknowledgment of the vacant mind.

Eades have consistently put out banger after banger and they haven’t taken their foot off the pedal quite yet – ‘Present in the Moment’ fails to disappoint. The track runs away with cheeky little riffs alongside the metronomic sound of a cowbell whilst traversing the wandering of frontman Harry Jordan’s idle mind at crucial times.

The quintet’s sonic experimentation shines through on the track with its optimistic sound and contrasts the subject of grey vacancy like neon paint flooding in on a black and white picture. Eades’ music lets loose with their wild element and is often best served on a day off to unwind where you can get into their groove.

‘Present in the Moment’ is bound to get its fair share of thumbs-ups! Treat this as a little taster ahead of their forthcoming EP ‘Abstract Education’.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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