Eleni C – ‘Black & White’

Eleni C

Princess of Pop Eleni C scores another home run with the impulsing ‘Black & White’.

For those unfamiliar with Eleni C, the UK pop act has been spewing out liberating Europop anthems over the last couple of years with choruses built to command a crowd.

Eleni’s ferocious attitude is present throughout the reggaetón beats of ‘Black & White’: her latest dose of pop magic depicting a love story that’s out of the ordinary. ‘Black & White’ is proof of Eleni’s ever-growing artistry as she seamlessly adapts to sounds unfamiliar to her, crafting powerful pop along the way.

On the track Eleni explains: “I wrote this song with the idea that if you are lucky enough to find love that drives you to the edge of madness and it makes you touch the heavens you should be brave enough to fight for it.”

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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