Ellie Bleach – ‘I Thought I Saw You Last Night’

Ellie Bleach has cracked the code for achieving undeniable star power. On her brand new self-released track I ‘Thought I Saw You Last Night’, she marries wryly intelligent song-writing with an ultra-nostalgic sound – to astounding results.

‘I Thought I Saw You Last Night’ is equal parts dreamy and dazzling; setting melancholic lyrical musings against the exuberant sound of 70s power pop, Ellie creates something genuinely magical. Undeniably, the formula is tried and tested: write about raw unadulterated heartbreak and make it irresistibly danceable.

Simply put, the song is about “watching a former lover move on when they’re still at the forefront of your mind”. This emotion manifests at the heart of the song, in the knock-out lyric “I never thought a major chord could make me want to die”, with Ellie citing her inspiration as the moment she unexpectedly heard her ex-lover’s favourite Billy Joel song outside a bar.

Masterfully, Ellie captures a home truth: break-ups are melodramatic and messy – and often, that avalanche of emotion is simply inescapable.

Behind its flashiness, the track is a frank admission of the everlasting presence of someone who you once held close. In the chorus, Ellie sings “nothing shocks me anymore”, realising that she’ll forever be haunted by this lover. Lurking in the shadows of a club, or in the chords of a pop ballad – some memories just can’t be shaken off.

Ellie Bleach now sounds more musically emboldened than ever before. Diving head-first into camp 70s production in the vein of Elton John and Abba, Ellie never drowns in the excess style. Instead, she confidently shines a spotlight on her trademark witty songcraft.

Michael Anderson


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