Ellington – ‘EMT’

Former R5 member, Ellington has gone one step further in releasing his drowsy new single ‘EMT’ 

Titling his new offering the abbreviation of the word ’empty’ and, using his dark sense of humour and intricate songwriting, Ellington uses his creative flow to create his brand new single and project ‘EMT’. Taken from his up and coming EP which is set to be released early next year, he is ready to branch out with his evergrowing and rather huge fanbase. 

‘EMT’ is influenced by Ellington’s love for indie, jazz, motown, and hip-hop which are all present and prominent. He spoke about the track in his own words: “EMT is an abbreviation of the word “empty” – which was my way of using my dark sense of humour to lighten the subject matter of the song. I wrote this song during a period of my life where I was often alone and left to reflect on my past to see it more objectively. It was strange to look back on times that were seemingly great but realised they left a bad taste in my mouth. That realization fueled the lyrics and the tone of the song, which is about observing your ego and how that can drive you off the deep end.”

Releasing his music video, Ellington got creative, with chaotic visuals, for the means to hallucinate – he shows himself in his full glory as his drowsy voice overpowers the strong bass beats. 

Watch the music video below




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