Emily Burns (Featuring JP Cooper) – ‘Is It Just Me?’

Despite 2020 being a shit-show, it has been pretty great for Emily Burns, who started this year supporting artists such as James Arthur & Gabrielle Aplin. Unfortunately, the Gabrielle Aplin tour was cut short due to Coronavirus, however, that never stopped Emily from performing as she took her music to the world of the internet, doing daily lives, uploading covers on YouTube, and doing two live gigs, one of those gigs was at Abbey Road Studios, where Emily herself used to work.

Emily also released a string of singles such as ‘Press Pause’, as well as singles such as ‘Curse’ and ‘Terrified’, from her EP release ‘I Love You, You’re The Worst’ which was released in June. The title track of this EP was added to the BBC Radio 1 Best New Pop List in August. So how does Miss Burns finish the year? By re-releasing ‘Is It Just Me?’; the original version which was released in 2019, currently has over seventeen-million streams on Spotify alone.

The new version of ‘Is It Just Me?’ is a duet between Emily herself and JP Cooper – the voice behind the smash-hit pop song ‘Perfect Strangers’. The song focuses on the aftereffect of a breakup and how Emily is finding it hard to move on and forget about her ex-partner, and how she is hoping that they’re feeling the pain and heartbreak that she does. She sings: “I kind of hope you’re tortured too” In the chorus, you hear Emily ask her ex-partner if they’re hurting, or is it only her that is feeling this pain, “Tell me does your heart stop, at the party when my name drops.”

JP Cooper’s verse reflects the other side of the relationship and a clear response to Burns. ‘Is it Just Me?’ is a heartbreaking duet where we see their voices blend together perfectly. 

Dave Wright

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