EP Review: EFÉ – ‘What Should We Do This Summer?’

Dublin alt-pop singer EFÉ is shaking the ground of the Irish music scene lately with her most recent EP – ‘What Should We Do This Summer?’ In the midst of a post-punk tide from the Irish capital, EFÉ rides a refreshing surfboard of soothing guitar tabs and harmonic vocals – it is a hidden gem of The Emerald Isle.

What Should We Do This Summer?’ is a pick and mix of sounds; from the hazy ‘Garden’ to the lo-fi spoken word ‘Nineteen (John’s Outro)’ – it’s the EP that we needed to splash this year with a pallet of vibrancy. What stands out in EFÉ’s EP is the blissful guitar tabs that jangle in the backbone of the EP. These glistening guitar strums are sugar-coated with the harmony of EFÉ’s vocals, then to be served with a portion of synthesised rhythm and a beat that sends vibes through your veins. It’s an experimental piece that sends your head in a haze of aromatic clouds of vapour. You would not think that this style of songwriting is not from damp Dublin, but from the streets of California.

It’s an avant-garde sound that has the potential to shake up the Irish music scene, proving that Dublin is the latest city to burst out balls of sound onto the playlists of listeners. This EP reflects EFÉ’s artistic charm as it shows that the fusion of lo-fi and pop beats are the roots of a futuristic style that is becoming the forefront of the Soundcloud Renaissance. The track that stands out for me is ‘Seven’ more or less because of how the beat and guitar tabs come together and overshadow the articulate songwriting – it radiates colour. Seven’ is the hazy lovechild of King Krule’s melancholic guitar playing and the daze-infused songwriting of Clairo.

I think ‘What Should We Do This Summer?’ will be a favourite for lo-fi listeners who seek out sounds that transfix your ears into a rosy daze. Fans of Clairo, English Teacher and King Krule will love this latest release as it fills you with sounds that reflect an influence akin to each of those artists. This is a true emerald courtesy of EFÉ, it is definitely worth a dig.

Jack McKenna

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