EP Review: Neon Tapehead – ‘Never Say Never’

Neon Tapehead are an up and coming group from Moscow, Russia who infiltrate the iconic sounds of the 80s, soul & electro-funk within their debut EP, ‘Never Say Never‘.

The EP begins with ‘I’m not lost’, a dreamy, chilled number about looking for that person who will care for you, with a disco undertone which makes you want to get up and dance all of that fear about being lost and lonely away, whilst reminding you that you’re not lost and where you are is where you should be.

‘Know What I Want’ has dreamy vocals which just take you to paradise with that disco undertone, which goes so well together with iconic “purrr” moments in the track which instantly have that feel-good factor to it. You hear lead vocalist Maya singing about knowing what she wants and you making sure that she gets it, no matter what. Singing about what she craves and urging the right to be free, whether this is at an emotional standpoint or to free herself from a toxic situation or a relationship which isn’t providing Maya with the goods.

‘Let’s Get Down’ opens up with a voicemail saying “if you want to see me tonight, you know where to go,” – a sassiness is heard that carries through the duration of its blissful 3 and a half minutes. “If you want me tonight, you need to put that effort in and make it worth my time” is the main undertone of this track, with a clear message of knowing your own worth, embracing self-love and not changing that for anyone. It is Maya’s time and body that you are wanting and she won’t give it to you unless you’re worth it.

‘Never Say Never’ is a reminder to not say that it won’t happen, anything can and is possible! This song is full of uplifting lyrics and spreads the message of possibility; you never know what will happen as life is full of promises and reasons, so, even when it’s rough, don’t give in and it shall all work out in the end.

‘Somethin” is the final song on the EP about craving and wanting that special something that someone has, whether it be physically or emotionally. It’s that special thing that you want and you’ll do anything to get. When someone has that somethin’ that you love about them, it truly is magical and worth the risk that you may have taken to get it.

Never Say Never‘ is the type of EP you would put on whilst getting ready for a night out, with its disco tones that you can’t help but dance to. It has lyrics which sometimes feel like a chant of self-love and self-worth, and if you’re into the likes of Rick James, The GAP Band and Kool & The Gang then this EP is more then worth a listen to!

Dave Wright

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