EP Review: Nick Wilson – ‘Love and Heartache’

Intense, dark but uplifting – Nick Wilson releases his new EP ‘Love and Heartache’ 

Since the release of Nick Wilson’s ‘A Face I’ve Never Seen Before’ EP, the solo singer-songwriter has been tortured with hints of further success, notably with a mention by Demi Lovato about the beauty of his music.

Now releasing his next EP, ‘Love and Heartache’, Wilson steps up to the mark and proves his unchallenged worth to be one of the UK’s next great musical exports. Consisting of four tracks, with three already being released beforehand, the extended play offers a more subtle, and playful, role with its production. This is all about the vocal dexterity leading the force of the music.

While ‘Safe’ could suitably be filed under a pop anthem fit for Radio 1 airing, ‘Enough To Know You’ enters baring all. “I will always want the best for you, even after all you put me through” Wilson sings in his trademark falsetto vocals, transforming the song from, what could have been, an enervated single, to an intensified love story. Left with nothing but the solo star narrating the heightened imagery in your mind, it’s this collection of songs that sit with you at a time of reflection.

Move on to the second half of the release, and it’s clear the musician is at peace with the events in his life, and the emotions flooding their way through with it. ‘Everybody But Me’ feels like the epitome of the artist’s music to date. It feels as heavy and intimate as his first singles, conjoined with the future of where his music is going. It feels different. It feels like a moment.

Then comes the closing track, and the only song to make its debut as the collection is released. ‘Built For This’ is the future of Nick Wilson’s career. It has the pop mechanics turning the wheels, unraveling the story of truth and honesty as it moves. Though it feels like a chapter closing, it’s a chromatic foundation set up for the next phase of the songwriter’s world domination.

‘Love and Heartache’ is as intense as it is uplifting, as dark as it is enlightening, but this is nothing more than Nick Wilson’s mind spilled out across the pages in front of him. A milestone, it may be. Finish the EP, and you sit up knowing one of the UK’s most promising talents just that little bit better. Mark this as his best release to date – but brace yourselves for the music this is setting him up for. We’re in for something special.

Connor Willis


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