EP REVIEW: Piss Kitti – ‘For The Lovers’

Provoking conversations about sex, queerness, and gender, Liverpool’s Piss Kitti release their new EP ‘For The Lovers’

Liverpool-quartet, Piss Kitti has dropped their debut EP ‘For The Lovers’, featuring their recent single ‘Turn You Over (Keep On Comin’ On)’, which guides the uneasy emotional responses that influence one’s actions after a relationship has come to an end.

Piss Kitti made their way to the front of the Liverpool scene in 2019 and have since been captivating crowds with their infectious energy, vibrant set, and their unforgettable attitude. Provoking conversations about sex, queerness, and gender, Piss Kitti’s stage seductive-driven mayhem with a playful twist.

With hints of garage and punk-rock, the quartet strives and succeeds to “turn you on, make you dance and make you think.” Through Esme’s addictive Scouse-infused vocals, Dominic’s grungy guitar riffs, Danny’s striking drums, and Clara’s funky bass, the band work together to create the perfect recipe to achieve the ideal EP to get you up on your feet and dance like nobody is watching. 


Imogen May

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