EP Review: Zooni – ‘Familiar Ground’

Hailing from sunny Brighton, art-pop group Zooni release their new EP ‘Familiar Ground’.

Made up of Peter Martin, George Godwin, Ben Clark, and Matt Glasbey, the band create experimental rock music unlike anyone else; Their mix of jagged and syncopated beats with beautiful piano and guitar work is something special.

After releasing their debut, self-titled EP last year, the band are back with their latest release, a four-track EP – ‘Familiar Ground’.

The opening track, ‘Dissolve’, provides a strong start to the EP. It takes you on a journey: if you close your eyes and listen, you will hear so many different layers of instrumentation all coming together perfectly and Peter’s vocal work is the cherry on top. The band aren’t afraid to take things slowly either, with parts of the song sound mellow,  revealing delicate piano playing and some math rock-esque guitar lines. 

‘The Details’ is gentle, featuring a beautiful guitar line throughout the song which builds slowly with Peter producing Thom Yorke-style vocals that elevate the tune to another level. All before the explosive chorus blows the roof off. 

Following on, ‘Cascara’ is a beautiful track, a steady drumbeat sets the pace for the beautiful falsetto vocals before the guitar and bass come in and add an extra level of funk to the song. I love how complex Zooni’s instrumental work is – there are so many layers stacked on each other and it works so well. 

The EP’s title track, ‘Familiar Grounds’, brings this stunning offering to a close. It is a beautiful slow burn that is similar to some of the best work from Everything Everything. The guitar licks are ones that you can dig your teeth into, bringing it to life before all the instruments kick into overdrive and bring the track, and the EP, to a wonderfully chaotic end.



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