EVENT: See You Mate Vol. 2

About a year ago, within the walls of Brixton’s best indie pub – The Windmill, a magazine was launched: “See You Mate, Yeah See You Mate”. Created by Cal Cashin, a promising music journalist who contributed to various publications from Clash to the notorious Quietus.

On the 23rd of this month, they launch their Vol. 2 at the same place, with a slightly bigger team. London based duo ‘PVA’ will be headlining the launch, and the audio project ‘Waterbaby’ will also be present. Of course, the See You Mate team will be DJ’ing all night.

See You Mate’s team cleverly brings to life music many may have missed – or want to rediscover. From a lengthy feature about iconic girl group ‘GTO’ (famous Pamela Des Barres was part of the line-up) to interviews with Jerskin Fendrix. Hannah Woollam, the design director of the magazine, does a great job of making (and finding art) which compliments perfectly the witty tone of the magazine.

But then again, the best description of the magazine was given by the creators themselves: “for so much music is boring, and the journalism even more drab, instead of merely complaining about it we took great pleasure preparing this for your good selves”.

In the meantime, pre-order the magazine here:


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