Everyone You Know – ‘Charlie’

The new single ‘Charlie’ from Everyone You Know is here and, as with every one of their releases, it’s sure to get you in the mood for a groove. 

Showing yet another different side to the London-born sibling duo, ‘Charlie’ is a dance track with guitar and a hint of tropical house. However, countering the funky drumbeats and lively instrumental chorus, the song’s lyrical subject matter takes a dark turn.

The title character ‘Charlie’ is an ominous figure who’s nothing but trouble- there are strong suggestions that he’s actually a personified version of a harmful substance, persuading his previous acquaintances to take him back.
The contrast between the serious meaning of this song and its nonchalant surface-level sound makes for an interesting listen but makes even more sense in the context of the group’s self-directed music video. Here we see frontman Rhys at a party, trying to mask his somewhat troubled thoughts about ‘Charlie’ amongst the loud atmosphere, but eventually giving in and starting a fight.

Though Everyone You Know are influenced by prominent names in the UK rap scene such as The Streets and Kano, their consistent incorporation of dance and garage gives the duo a uniquely recognisable signature style, one that they continue to develop as their fanbase grows rapidly.

Fans of The Streets may even recognise the line: “Kids on wizz, darling’s on Charlie” from The Streets’ song ‘Weak Become Heroes’, a lyric sample which got the stamp of approval from Mike Skinner himself.

With support from one of their biggest influences, there’s no doubt that Everyone You Know are ones to watch, so be sure to keep an eye out for their next releases and new tour dates as they continue to embark on this new chapter.

Evie Barrett

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