EXCLUSIVE: Lock-in – ‘Teenager’

 Lock-in band have been on the radar for just over a year and fan favourite tune ‘Teenager’ has finally been released into the world of streaming.

For anyone who isn’t aware of Lock-in, the band consists of five males who create a massive buzz with their indie-pop infused music sprinkled lightly with brit-pop sounding melodies. Their fan favourite, ‘Teenager’ has been in the public eye via Soundcloud for a while – it has sat there in its full glory without the help of big streaming companies such as Spotify or Apple Music. Creating momentum by gigging and fan interactions, they firmly believe that now is the time for it to take its grace in the spotlight by releasing it properly. 

‘Teenager’ is a cauldron of teenage-angst and nostalgia but holds a perfect, addictive beat that is held together by the slick strums of the guitar and cool, summery riffs. This track focuses on themes surrounding youth and adolescence and oozes with authenticity and character. 

Frontman Benjy Leak and vocalist says “We’re just five best mates who ultimately love having fun and writing music. The process just comes naturally to us and it’s much more enjoyable when you’re doing it with your closest mates! Our plan is to release more and more music until we are six feet under. Nothing less. We want to draw people in, make them never want to leave our shows, and always stay locked-in.”

‘Teenager’ will be available on all platforms on the 4th of September.




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