Felid – ‘Knowing You, Part One’

Jay Rodger, also known as Felid is the South African-born, Bristol-based singer-songwriter who is reimagining alt-pop.

The artist is already becoming recognised for his remarkable sonics in his career’s infancy, having performed at Glastonbury and racking up 10+ million streams, Felid has now dropped his debut EP, ‘Knowing You, Part One’, and he’s is ready to conquer.

The artist’s sultry vocals are a “swipe right” affair on the EP’s opening track, ‘Take It Off’, which finds their apex between the sheets during the rowdy chorus of sporadic synths that are piercing in their delivery.

The inebriated flute sounds on ‘Blame’ are the ideal precursor to the punch to the jugular synths that are the focal point of this track, while Felid’s daze inducing vocal performance continues to wrap itself around the listener in a stunning embrace. The ambient, lo-fi sonics on ‘Midnight Lover’ are intoxicating in their simplicity, and yet ferocious in their delivery as they swing and jab during the track’s bouncy chorus.

The seductive, down-tempo bass line on ‘Just This Once’ plays hard to get with Felid’s soft-spoken vocals, a real treat for the senses. Following on, ‘On Your Own’ is a collection of buoyant synth attacks and introspective, lyrical mastery, and is a thrilling finish to an utterly captivating alt-pop treat.

The ever-growing lo-fi phenomenon has given birth to some of the most exciting artists of late, and Felid is perhaps one of the most intriguing in a swarm of exceptional talent.


Alister Ross

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