For some people lockdown may have hindered creativity, but not Felix, whose latest single was not only written and recorded in the midst of a global pandemic but also inspired by it.

Kickstarting with simple yet effective production, ‘Getaway’ subtly builds throughout the first verse, reaching a crescendo at the chorus when bursting into juicy synth-pop goodness.

Vocalising what we’ve all been thinking, Felix sings: “Damn I need a getaway”, a somewhat bleak statement that sounds more like an optimistic hope for the future in the upbeat context of the song. The electropop tune isn’t short of relatable lyrics, summing up the monotony of watching TV, eating constantly, and, mainly, being stuck inside all day.

“Getaway is a song about how much lockdown made me need a holiday to have a break from being sat in the same 4 walls for 6 months,” Felix said when discussing the single. “I got really sick of the zoom calls, not being able to see my mates, and not getting out playing shows.”

Putting his silky-smooth vocals to good use on this track, Felix charmingly invites someone to run away with him in the song’s stripped-down bridge. “We’ll go to paradise, baby you and I”, he sings, just as the song boots up into the familiar chorus for a final time.

Perfect for fans of Jeremy Zucker’s indie-pop edge and Lauv’s uncompromising electropop flair, Felix is perhaps the UK’s answer to both, seamlessly fusing the styles of the artists who he cites as sonic influences.
Felix is gearing up to release his debut EP next year, which will no doubt be the feel-good affair the world needs if ‘Getaway’ is anything to judge by.


Evie Barrett

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