FLING release their pysch-pop single ‘Revolution’ ahead of their debut album

Bradford Psych-rockers FLING tease what’s to come, with glossy power psych-pop single “Revolution”. The song evokes an empowering warmth, with reverberating synths and soaring vocals.

“There’s something in your smile that tells me you’ve got a heavy mind I know cuz I’ve had one all my life” communicates empathetic understanding of the positive front we put on covering any darkness or struggles behind us. The cataclysmic finale of the repetition of “let’s get straight to the point, revolution in noise” packs a punch which is backed by siren-like blaring guitars that fantastically lifts the spirit. “Revolution” brims with stupendous motivational energy, encapsulating aspirations for personal growth and drastic changes for the better. It relays a promising preview for their album, “FLING or die” out on the 22nd of February. A definite one to watch in 2019.


Words: Kieran Raza

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