Flo Gallop – ’21’

“Wanna get a bottle of wine and sit in the park?” I thought you’d never ask.

Flo Gallop hails from South-east London and spent her adolescence doodling lyrics as part of her musical upbringing with her dad, who made songwriting “feel like breathing”.

Today we see that same Flo flourish into greatness as she makes a daring entrance into the world of pop with ’21’ – an anecdote of life spent living in the city with no plans, no future ambitions and quite frankly, no fucks to give.

Detailing a 9-5 lifestyle, splurging any and all earnings on making memories and having your chariot await in the form of the night tube home; Flo truly is here for nothing but the vibes.

“Wearing her heart on her sleeve, the song is an account of her youth – she may make mistakes, but she doesn’t regret anything.”

If anyone could bring back the combination of prom dresses and Reeboks, it’s this intrepid character going by the name of Flo Gallop.

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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