‘Foals’ are back with “Exits”

Its been a while since a music release has prompted me to put on the radio for the first listen, usually I just wait for it to pop up on my Spotify where it’s easy to access. However, I discovered my love of music when Foals first came about. Cassius was my jam; I needed to hear “Exits” on the first play.

Prior to the release, Foals were live on Radio 1 discussing the track calling it their “centerpiece” for album one of 2019, that’s right, we’re getting two this year and I’m super excited.

All I can say is: Foals are back.

“Exits” starts with an incredible synthy piano laced with a bassy riff which gave me vibes of Total Life Forever, a favourite of ours over at Happy People. So this release has gone down a treat with us all. Yannis’ vocals over the top are gorgeous as usual. The singer has described his lyrics as “being trapped in a labyrinth, resonating with what’s going on in the world”.

This track takes me back to watching them at reading festival having a boogie forgetting about the world.

On the back of the release, Foals have released a tour and I need to be there to hear “Exits” live.


Words: Lucie Marsh

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