Foals release ‘The Runner’

The phenomenal Oxford band Foals have just released the second single ahead of their second album of the year, “Everything Not Saved Shall Be Lost: Part 2”.

Here at Happy People, we were blown away by ‘Black Bull’, the first single off of the new album, and I have to say, ‘The Runner’ is just as good! 

The song opens with a hugely catchy guitar riff that flows over a baseline and drumbeat which sound reminiscent of their more funk inspired first album “Antidotes”. The guitar work on this track is incredible, the riffs and hooks will stay in your head all day. 

Yannis’ voice soars over the chorus as he says “If I fall down” “Keep on running”. In his interview on BBC Radio 1 he said that the song is about “Confronting those demons and troubles” and that he wanted it to have “a sense of optimism”. The song features a wonderful call and response style that Yannis said was inspired by the drill master in Full Metal Jacket. 

‘The Runner’ has a very different sound from the more chaotic and raw cut, ‘Black Bull’. It is more beat driven, the rhythm section of the band should get a lot of credits for this one, as it’s the bass and drums that really hold this track together with their funky sound. In spite of their differences, both tracks are absolutely superb and if you weren’t excited for the new album before, you definitely should be now.


Words: Alex Thomson 


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