Foo Fighters – ‘Waiting on a War’

‘Daddy, is there going to be a war?’ the heart-wrenching words from Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s eleven-year-old daughter posted in a statement on the band’s Twitter. 

On their new single ‘Waiting on a War’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Medicine at Midnight’, Grohl reflects on the innocence of the question and confronts the anxieties his daughter is experiencing with the current uncertainties of the world, troublingly, the very same worries he faced forty years previously.

One acoustic guitar strum and we are into the crux of the track; the concern and the uneasiness of an impending catastrophe. ‘Waiting on a War’ contemplates armageddon, and plays as an observation of annihilation rather than a straight protest song.​ “Every day waiting for the sky to fall,” tells us of the inability Grohl has to alter the course of events, merely looking on at what will happen.

The repeating of “is there more to this than that?” highlights the desperation Grohl seeks to offer his daughter and all children alike a safe and secure future. It’s refreshing to see Foo Fighters trying an abundance of new ideas out. The two previously released singles ‘Shame Shame’ & ‘No Son of Mine’ fixate on dance-rock and hardcore, respectively, and ‘Waiting on a War’ with its fanfare of strings and acoustic-rock characteristics launches into a trademark explosion of uptempo distorted guitars and pounding drums in the latter half, a staple of the Foo Fighters’ sound. It’s built for stadiums, that much is definitely clear. ‘Waiting on a War’ dishes up some of the most meaningful Foo Fighters themes in years both, lyrical and in composition.


Harrison Smith

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