‘Four Words To Stand On’: Two Door Cinema Club uncover a lyrical time capsule with their latest EP

In the early spring of 2008, Two Door Cinema Club released their self-funded, self-produced extended play, ‘Four Words To Stand On’, recorded in the garage of vocalist Alex’s childhood home. It’s been 10 years since the release party that christened the record and marked Two Door Cinema Club as ones to watch, and to celebrate, the band have re-released the EP across all major streaming platforms: a far cry from the mere 500 CDs that were originally distributed back in ’08.

The 2018 EP features three original demos- ‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’, ‘Do You Want It All?’ and ‘Undercover Martyn’, which all featured in the band’s debut album ‘Tourist History’. Also on the EP are two previously unreleased tracks, ‘New Houses’ and ‘Standing On Ghosts’, which provide fans and casual listeners alike with some insight as to the early workings of the band.

Whilst the original demos aren’t as fine-tuned as the ‘Tourist History’ versions, they hint at the direction in which the band would move. The gentle experimentation with synths alongside rich guitar melodies almost acts as a precursor for their later albums, and the addition of Alex’s piercing vocals on top produces a sound so distinctive and unmistakeably TDCC.

The EP is a lyrical time capsule: with these 5 songs and a humble CD release, Two Door Cinema Club unknowingly buried their 2008 selves underneath a mountain of singles to come, various record deals and worldwide tours. It highlights the promise the band showed all those years ago, and the progress they’ve made since then.

You can stream the new EP on Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer here.


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