Freya Beer – ‘Siren’

Freya Beer is the almighty queen on her new track ‘Siren’.

Freya Beer has been held in high esteem with the release of her past work, specifically with last year’s releases, ‘Dear Sweet Rosie’ and the latter ‘Arms Open Wide’. The Londoner has yet summoned another captivating single that imprints her sound to your brain.

Lyrically inspired by her love for Charles Bukowski’s writing, the vocal recital is nothing short of enchanting and powerful – as always. Not forgetting how theatrical this tune is as a result of Freya twisting the track with her voice that imbues the song with a certain intensity and authority. Guitar tones that are bursting and tinged black, adds to the intimidating theme of ‘Siren’ bound to the wave of drummed symbols that wash over the track to build the intricate post-goth environment.

‘Siren’ is just the first of the releases that are bound to arrive this year; they are to be anticipated and unpredictable with their artsy influences and intricate building blocks. 


Image: Shayna Jenkins 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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