Gallus – ‘Eye to Eye’

Glasgow’s indie-punk five-piece return with their cracking new single “Eye to Eye” and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

Releasing their first track of 2020, on August 7th, ‘Eye to Eye’ from the get-go is a cluster of energy which is a pick-me-up in these dreary times. You’ll find it gets you moving right from the start thanks vocalist Barry Dolan’s commanding voice and witty lyrics. Along with bellowing guitar riffs and thumping drums, it’s an instant punk anthem. Talk of desire to be recognised for their talent, the frustration in the vocals pull the song together to show the hunger and fire in Gallus’ belly.

Gallus have shown their potential since forming in 2017 but this single for me is a level above anything they’ve released in the past. They’re a band that I think, define indie-punk at its grittiest and it’s beautiful. They can only go up from here with momentum from a banger like this that oozes in optimism. We’re expecting some great things. 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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