Gallus – ‘Marmalade’

Glaswegian boys Gallus are back with a new killer tune ‘Marmalade’.


Gallus’ tunes are all attack, and their most recent offering, ‘Marmalade’ is no exception. The song teeters on the experiences that vocalist Barry Dolan had met in therapy. His tone and Gallus’ overall vibe give a lot of their tracks the most intense form of urgency which will swallow you whole if you aren’t careful.

These boys don’t miss a trick with unrelenting riffs and an absolute hammer of a drummer in Paul Ewins, ‘Marmalade’ has such powerful punk energy that it could almost grab you by the shoulders and shake you itself. The pure agitation in Barry’s voice tears through the track in a ferocious manner.

Their most recent offering, ‘Eye to Eye’ and now ‘Marmalade’, it’s a question whether anyone can do punk better than the Scotts at this point. Their uncontrollable energy is unmatched and, there’s no question that ‘Marmalade’ will become a new fan-favourite. 


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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