Getrz – the Swindon four piece making waves

Not many bands get the opportunity to play a gig in Paris, fewer get asked back and even fewer will have completed both gigs within 18 months of releasing their first single. Getrz are the only band I can think of who have achieved this. The Swindon four piece are prolific too with one EP and another two singles out already.

It’s not a surprise that this band are gaining traction, their riffs are catchy, their choruses sound huge and frontman Joshua Heather has those vocals that are good but not perfect which is something missing within the scene. Getrz put on a live show that is way more accomplished than most bands who have been going as long. This isn’t to say it’s polished, there is still a roughness to the band which has clearly come through being influenced by bands like Trampolene. There is a similar raucousness to their music too, ‘Jewellery’ plays fast and loose with the idea of vocals being in time but that’s exactly what the song needs. Latest single ‘Old Town’ is far more polished and clean but it still has a much needed edge, even if it does borrow somewhat from The Libertine’s ‘Heart of The Matter’ in places.

Getrz are treading a fine line between being original and creating songs that will be loved and enjoyed for their creativity and passion and falling into the ‘landfill indie’ label that is being bandied about with more and more regularity. With support from This Feeling and a rather full looking calendar, the future is looking bright for Getrz, lets hope they choose the right path.

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