Gig Review: The Drift @ The Grey Lantern

The Drift in the flesh, and a debut performance that won’t be forgotten for a good old while

Just a few days ago The Drift played their very first show on home ground at The Grey Lantern, Birmingham. And what a debut it was, the boys sold out the venue in a quite quick fashion which I don’t find surprising at all. With support from George Bakewell, a lad who is patterned up in smart polo shirts and can play a cracking cover of ‘Boys Don’t Cry”by The Cure impressed early on.

Finally the moment everybody, in the sold-out room, had been waiting for, The Drift in live sound, socially distanced and all. The show began opening with ‘Going upand a cheeky “Oi oi” from frontman Matt Brooks and instantly you could feel the bass in your chest, I adore that feeling when you’re at a gig like many others. In my opinion, everybody should be playing their music this loud because, just, wow. The way I saw things from the first song was that The Drift have a huge passion for what they’re doing, a great sign on their debut show. Little things like a vein-popping in Matt’s neck from the effort he was putting in.

After an epic opener, we got to hear the first of many unreleased tunes that being, ‘Downfall’. Featuring a smooth hook This is the downfall of our lives, topped with a punchy riff and a laid-back vocal melody. It might just be my favourite track of theirs!

‘Lockdown Cityand ‘Wasted Time’ touch on the sense of isolation, each in their own respective ways. By now the venue felt warm in more way than one, the tone of these two I think almost bought people closer together even though physically we have to be distanced for instance at the end of each song without fail we all let out hand shattering applause. Even though it was my first time visiting The Grey Lantern a room enriched with friends, family, and loved ones of the band, I felt at home.

The pace and speed that they moved through the set was ferocious and adamant to set an impression. The whole set was unrelenting at this point, and they showed no sign of slowing down. They’ve clearly set themselves a standard in practice and a bar to shoot over each time they play together.

‘The Storm’ and ‘Loose Cannonboth have really strong opening segments when played live. Tyler Reynolds (lead guitarist) came up with the riff for ‘The Storm’ which felt new and fresh. It’s not a riff that can be easily forgotten and discarded, it lifts the sound of the tune immensely and really pulls it together. ‘Loose Cannon’ gave me a reason to get excited about Luke Forde’s drumming, I could see that his heart and soul was in it. Not as if he felt a need to prove his skill, something more than that, pure undying love for what he was doing more like.

Well well well, this set could only possibly end with a fiery cover of ‘My Generation’ by The Who. An all or nothing approach for a classic song that deserves nothing less. Exactly what we got as well, nothing short of greatness.

Speechless. I can honestly say to expect great things from The Drift. Four lads based in Birmingham with more desire to set an impression than Boris Johnson has to lie to the country. They didn’t let the 0121 down. Well done lads, well done indeed.

You can catch The Drift alongside some other great artists on the 5th of December at our gig, at The Grey Lantern!


Image credit: Ciara Wilkinson Media


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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