girlhouse – ‘loaded gun’


Lauren Luiz is girlhouse. Her career already forged in the fires of WILD, alongside various showtunes in her acting career, now her solo project takes a sparkling indie pop turn.

Newest single ‘loaded gun’ seems purpose-built to slot in comfortably alongside playlists of Soccer Mommy, Sidney Gish and the like.

Continuing in the trend of her previous releases, ‘the fatalist’ and ‘knuckle tattoo’, the track consists of perfectly constructed dissonance between bubbly synths and young adult ennui. Shiny pop with just enough of a kick to demand re-listening, girlhouse proves an exciting new development in the niche of sad-girl-who-knows-how-to-have-a-good-time media. It is prime dancing around your kitchen in the midst of a breakdown soundtrack material.

Even as Luiz croons on the refrain “looks like I’ve become what I was running from” the drum track is assuredly punchy, transforming cries of frustration to an anthemically danceable track. ‘loaded gun’ makes transitory anxieties of adulthood more fun than ever before.

Flora Pick

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