Glass Violet – ‘Hourglass’

Returning with their soaring new single, Glass Violet unveil ‘Hourglass’ 

Acclaiming support and coverage from new music supporting giants, This FeelingBBC Introducing, and Amazing Radio, Glass Violet returns with their gut-busting, euphoric new single ‘Hourglass’. Their new single generates experimental and distorted sounds alongside a conveying introduction of spoken word and blasting sounds that are goosebump-inducing. 

Glass Violet take no prisoners as soaring riffs and dramatic breakdowns occur throughout ‘Hourglass’. Capturing their own slightly darker and much more alluring sounds they wanted to perfectly portray their influences such as Joy Division and Idles

Speaking on the track, the band said “Lyrically, the song was originally inspired by experiencing being both introverted and extroverted, and how, at both times, mood states can flip, similar to an hourglass being turned onto its opposite side. As the song progressed, the lyrics saw influences from dream sequences and the questioning of life after death.



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