Grace Bland – ‘She Kinda Looks Like Me’

Riding the waves of the South Coast is upcoming indie-popper Grace Bland with her new release ‘She Kinda Looks Like Me’. This track emphasises the rawness of Grace’s sound and the experimental outlook she has set out for.

For a rising star, this track is a pure hymn that just resonates in your ears; you would not be mistaken if you thought that you were listening to a well-established pop artist. I think the Open Mic UK finalist has exceeded expectations, making your mouth drop at the exquisite sounds that just make melancholy fuse into a weird sense of energy – the back of your eardrums have succumbed in an energetic frenzy. Renowned for her ‘bags of songwriting ability’, Grace clearly has a cupboard full and she has been generous enough to unload some of them bags into this track, providing us all with a mouthful of sweet-sounding rhythm and mesmerising lyrics.

One verse that sticks out for me in terms of prestige songwriting is “And I know you’ve been aching to replace me…She can’t love you the same way”.

What I admire so much about this verse and why these set of lyrics are my favourite out of the whole song is the hymn-like way they sound. Grace’s vocals perfectly capture the melancholy, the sadness that these lyrics depict. This verse perfectly emulates the frustration, the anguish, the jealously that are embedded in relationships – it’s so Lana Del Rey.

The contrast between the use of ‘aching’, ‘replace’ and ‘love’ is a bizarre love triangle itself as it just exemplifies the traffic lights of what makes relationships go and stop. 

I think Grace has been quite intricate and subtle in painting that image in the heads of listeners – it’s a broken down romance. The verse is sung slowly, the beat is joyous and not played in single intervals – if you hear it you can imagine a heart beating, but that beat just juxtaposes with the lyrics – it is a happy sounding beat, but then you have lyrics that are of despair and sang solemnly. Then the beat just drops, and you’re transcending into the chorus where the vocals are powerful and less solemn than that of the verse, but it’s amazing how Grace has structured this song where you have lyrics that emit sad vibes to then just have a pause and then throw the listener into a frenzy of ramped up vocals and a more intense beat. This why the indie-pop princess of the South Coast is going to make sure that the waves that she is creating ripple to all corners of the country’s music scene.

The track’s cover definitely reflects the style that Grace was going for; rosy, pastel sounding as well as hymn-like. What you can also pick from the cover is Grace’s face being hit by the light directly; emphasising the title of the song ‘She Kinda Looks Like Me, especially the ‘Me’ part. Grace pulls no punches with her glistening portrait of herself, painting the picture with her alluring songwriting. I think the cover is also an aesthetic retrospective of this single, fusing colours like pastel pink, sky blue and white – highlighting an image of a vapourised cloud of romance, hanging over the light of self-esteem. Aesthetically, Grace has constructed a pop masterpiece.

I can tell you confidently that for an artist that has 354 monthly listeners on Spotify is definitely destined to sail her glistening musical ship to the biggest and best shores of the music scene, dropping off her ‘bags of songwriting ability’ to each stop she makes on the journey of stardom. Her style of alluring lyrics is a recurrent theme throughout her recent discography although ‘She Kinda Looks Like Me’ is a stark contrast of the upbeat melodic ‘Human’. And, adding as well, Grace Bland is not only a rising indie-pop singer but rising artists as she delivers her work as masterpieces – not just songs.

She Kinda Looks Like Me’ is a must-listen for fans of Lana Del Rey and Pale Waves. This just shows the high quality of this track, and how it categorises in comparisons to those two artists. Grace fuses the solemn vocals and lyrics of Del Rey and the electrifying rhythm and melody of Pale Waves and their goth-pop flow. I think a track like She Kinda Looks Like Me’ is a key turning point for indie-pop and the significance the genre will have as we now step into the 20s, adapting to the digital needs of the culture and the British music scene. I also think the track is one of the carriages on the train line into a more female, more progressive music scene as this cultural revolution takes into account artistic intellect, electrifying sound fusion and aesthetically pleasing songwriting – songwriting that allows the artist to express themselves in line with the aesthetic of their album art, becoming a determining feature of the new sound that will be a key part of the musical endeavour into a new decade.


Jack McKenna

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