Grace Davies – ‘i met a boy online’

One for all the singletons out there.

Composed during the first UK lockdown, a time when many of us felt lonely and lost, often spending time trivialising our own thoughts and relationships. Not Grace, she channelled her inner creativity and set those feelings to music. ‘i met a boy online’ demonstrates the mind field of living the millennial life, and the struggles that tag along with adjusting to the world of online dating. She expresses the vulnerabilities and self-doubt of talking to boys and accepting change in a world clustered with uncertainty.

The sincere sound of this track is reflected through Davies’ own thoughts as she says it “is probably the most transparent song I’ve ever written. There aren’t really any metaphors or hidden messages within the lyrics, it’s just a straight-forward, sad-girl pop song”. The honesty behind the single is clear, as Grace wears her heart on her sleeve and embodies the combination of sad songs and love songs. It may be simple but the relatable lyrics and charm of the catchy, emotive vocals make it a must-listen.

With a new EP on the way, Grace is making her mark as a fearless, young pop artist and a credible, innate songwriter. Her recent catchy releases have undoubtedly been memorable as she has gained support from the likes of MTV UK, The Sunday Times, Official Charts, Popjustice and BBC Introducing. It is clear that she has definitely marked the beginning of a new era for sad girl pop and is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Ashleigh O'Neill

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