Graywave – ‘Before’

Graywave unleashes her brand new track ‘Before’, taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Planetary Shift’ 

Graywave has released the second single from her forthcoming EP, ‘Planetary Shift’, and it is arguably going to be one of the strongest tracks, featured on the EP. The singer-songwriter’s influences hail from the likes of Men I Trust, Slowdive, Crumb, and Widowspeak, as she aims to produce music that makes the listeners feel as though they’re elsewhere.

In an interview, the singer discussed the topics tackled in the song, which of course surround anxiety and “the realisation that you cannot always escape negative feelings and events”. The use of the heavy drums takes lead in this track, building up to a climax towards the end of the song thus reciprocating what her anxiety feels like. Whether intentional or not, the substantial electric guitar and the formidable drums seem to dominate her voice throughout the tune, as if she is being silenced by the higher power: the instruments.


Imogen May

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