GRAZE nails simplicity with his first release

It’s not easy to write a song with few components and not make it sound boring but GRAZE seems to have cracked the magic formula with his first release ‘3 YEARS’.

Simplicity is a thing underrated in modern music, digital recording makes it so simple to layer an infinite number of tracks over each other means often a new artist will overcomplicate their track. ‘3 YEARS’ is the opposite of this philosophy, a short simple guitar line is the driving force of this lo-fi chilled out song which is complemented by a slow moving beat underneath using but a few percussive elements. Even GRAZE’s vocal delivery and lyrics are simple with a story just being spoken over the beat.

Admittedly on first listen I was worried I mind find myself bored of the repetitive beat by the end of the song but subtle changes and musical nuances stop the track from getting dull. The pitch bend on the secondary guitar part brings a much needed sense of harmony which will never be found in a spoken word delivery. The vocals themselves aren’t always easy to pick out but this only adds to the interest and makes you listen harder.

First releases aren’t easy to do. To gain confidence in your songwriting and performance is never a simple task but when your track has so few elements it feels more vulnerable and personal. ‘3 YEARS’ is a strong first release from GRAZE, let’s hope he can continue in a similar vein.


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