Griff – ‘Black Hole’

Fresh from coming fifth in BBC’s Sound of 2021 poll, Griff’s newest heartbreak banger ‘Black Hole’ is a testament to exactly how she got there.

‘Black Hole’ is three minutes and twenty seconds of undeniable pop excellence in which Griff hopelessly yearns for her estranged lover to return – “here’s a big black hole where my heart used to be, and I wish that you would realise I’m all that you need”. The song revels in its teenage diary-style melodramatics, which, paired with its playful, almost climactic beat, unequivocally certifies Griff’s position as one of pop’s most exciting newcomers.

The great thing about ‘Black Hole’ is that it epitomises exactly what we love most about pop music: its ability to take an artist’s experiences of heartache and sorrow and spin them into an infectiously hummable tune we can all relate to. The best way to listen to it? The same as you would with any other stellar pop song – alone, volume blasted up in your car.

After a string of top-notch releases in 2020, which include collaborations with electronic duo Honne and pop’s favourite producer Zedd, Griff unashamedly kicks off a new year of fantastic pop music on her own with ‘Black Hole’, which is arguably her most exciting release yet.


Jordan Page

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