Groping at gigs is not okay.


Going to a gig is where someone should feel safe, it’s a place where music takes control of your body, you get lost in it. It’s a place of friendship, new friendships and where everyone has something in common, the love for music. Feeling safe at a gig is crucial and a must. Peace played the Omeara on the 13th of February, I was excited, I was expecting¬† huge and amazing things and honestly, it was all I could’ve hoped for, I had my friends around me, my boyfriend and of course, I was seeing Peace.

Halfway through the show, a boy groped me and touched me in places he shouldn’t of touched and what was worse, I had to pull his hand out from under my shirt; even worse he looked at me as to say to me, “what did I do wrong?”. Making hand signals at him to tell him to don’t touch me, it was too loud to tell him – I was starting to cry and everything moved so fast and I panicked. I felt awful that someone could be so fucking stupid, that someone could be so clueless and look at me like I was in the wrong. I knew I wasn’t.

Still in shock, finding a someone who worked for the venue wasn’t hard, there were security everywhere who I was able to tell them what had happened to me. It was amazing how well Omeara, and its staff helped me in feeling comfortable and safe in a place where someone had groped me. I gave the venue manager a statement and they were determined to find the boy, but it was evident he ran away once he knew what he did. He ran away because he knew that he would get caught and he’s also a coward. On the other hand, I felt really protected being in a venue where staff were helpful, caring and just polite – they don’t tolerate it and I wish every venue would be that way. I wish every fucking security team cared like they did at Omeara. They made me laugh and they made me feel less awful about the situation, all in all, thanks a bunch to them.

The moral of the story and this post is that, ladies, you should never feel alone when something like this happens to you. It’s okay to cry, to panic and to be down about it for a while, at the end of the day someone has touched you and made you feel uncomfortable and I hope sometime in the future groping will stop and gigs can be a safe place for everyone and Peace, you were amazing.



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