Hauskey – ‘Go Wrong’

It’s likely stating the obvious, but it’s been a rough year, hasn’t it? With billions of people swept into isolation, pop has taken an introspective turn and provided a more delicate escape for both artists and listeners, and Hauskey is no exception to the trend.

‘Go Wrong’ is the latest single from Hauskey, a fresh face from Australia, and it supplies all the good vibes necessary to those oh-so-familiar nights in isolation. It’s a single that packs a punch, filled with colourful brass, feathery vocals, and deep grooves to lose yourself in, all of which was produced by Hauskey himself. ‘Go Wrong’ is a masterfully crafted yet deceitfully simple bedroom bop that wouldn’t go out of place besides other laid-back slacker-pop artists such as Easy Life and Mac DeMarco.

However, between all the mood music and masterly crafted layers is a message both resonant and reflective. If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing. Lately, some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it.” says Hauskey, “And so we have ‘Go Wrong’; me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small because it’s so quick on the lookout for the next stumbling block.”

Despite how Hauskey feels about his own successes, his music is still reaching far beyond his bedroom. His debut single, ‘Slow’, another cool-breeze in his now growing discography, landed itself comfortably on Australian hit radio Triple J’s playlist in 2020, an opportunity that spread Hauskey’s sound all the way to Radio 1 and beyond.

Both introspective, uplifting and alluring, ‘Go Wrong’ is a firm example of what Hauskey brings to the table as an artist, and with an incoming EP slated for release via Polydor this Spring, 2021 is shaping up to be an explosive year for him.


2021/02/22 at 12:42 pm

Drew Edwards

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