Hauskey – ‘Somewhere’

Aussie artist and producer Hauskey has just released his second single ‘Somewhere’ which incorporates a dreamy, bedroom pop sound into his soft yet somewhat raspy vocals.

Hauskey’s first single ‘Slow’ has amassed over a million streams since being on Spotify which is insane for a person that took himself into the wild to write music. At University he made his own music school on campus which ended up having five-hundred students involved, but Hauskey quickly realised this wasn’t helping him to focus on his own music. He upped and moved to London for a year; doing gigs whilst working full time, then moved back to Australia and bought himself a van so he could have a year away to concentrate on writing and creating music, which brings us to now.

Describing an idyllic world where “…the oceans are made of cookies and cream / Where every drink is your first and every song is the best you have heard / And it’s always 5pm on a Saturday night / And you’re not always thinking of everything you could’ve got right”, he sends you spiraling into an anything-but-down-to-earth way of thinking. What a dream eh?

‘Somewhere’ is easy listening and a massive bop, if you will, all at the same time; so much so that it’s taken me about a week to write this review because every time I listen to it I can’t stop myself from havin’ a little jig. Similar sounding to that of Rex Orange County so if you like him, you’ll love Hauskey.


Elisha Cloughton

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