Headshrinkers – ‘Caught Between Two Stools’

Taking influence from the likes of Joy Division and Fontaines D.C. their last release Headshrinkers turned away from the usual upbeat slightly happy-go-lucky approach and shifted towards a more poetic, dramatic, post-punk outfit. their recent single ‘6:41 Sapien’ seems to have been where the midlands four-piece found their footing in this scene.

So what’s next? ‘Caught Between Two Stools’ is the next entry in Headshrinkers expressive diary of tunes!

The new single starts out with a hefty bass that lays the foundation for the wild, surging riffs that are served with a side of fuzz. Meanwhile, frontman Garran Hickman releases his deep bellowing voice that keeps all the wild elements of this banger in check. The chorus features harmonic Fontaines D.C.-like backing vocals behind the driving lyrics ‘Are you caught between Two Stools’, which captures the feeling of not knowing where to turn or which decision to make; it’s this chorus that produces the clear theme of urgency in the track.

The bleeding bridge takes a brief step back as the four are gearing up for a powerful two steps forward into one last amped-up chorus and, the slight change in the pace of play at the start of the last chorus prepares for lift-off for the final finale. 

Headshrinkers are set to become one of the Midlands’ best up and coming post-punk band, and the resurgence means an example has been set. 


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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