Headshrinkers – ‘Haggard Muggins’

Taken from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Doorway Conversations’ West Midlands post-punk spearheads Headshrinkers unleash their brand new track ‘Haggard Muggins’.

Named “Band of the year for 2020” by Brum Radio and described as “Incendiary post-punk laced with stunning poetic majesty” by This Feeling, the future looks bright to concrete these statements in by the sound of this new single alone.

The song documents the journeys frontman Garran Hickman has faced, a nauseous upbringing, and a complicated family life, there is no need for the well known and usual urgency that the four-piece cloak themselves in, instead, we’re faced with a relatable reflection from whimsical lyricism that is complimented by smooth guitar licks and unwavering drums whilst the melancholic tale is told.

Commanding and assertive vocals are at the forefront of the verses but the roaring chorus is accompanied by lighter backing vocals from drummer Scarlett Churchill. If the EP lives up to the level of ‘Haggard Muggins’ you can only expect success from Headshrinkers in the near future, razor-sharp riffs heavily seasoned with shattering drums finished with overpowering vocals coming soon to a streaming service near you.

Image Credit: Dhana Green 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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