Hello Cosmos – ‘Fuse’

Hello Cosmos have bridged the gap between indie-rock and rave-esque music to create their own punchy sound in Fuse’

Hello Cosmos hailing from Manchester release their brand new tune Fusethat will fill you with energy and nostalgia of life before a pandemic. Starting out I heard the initial bass I found myself met with a familiar sound, realising when the song quickly picked up pace that it’s ever so reminiscent of the bass used on The Prodigy’s Breathe, I’m not entirely sure if it’s intentional but if it is, that is truly genius for this track. Something as simple as slightly changing the tempo of the deep bass works incredibly well.

Building up to the bridge with intricate and wordy lyrics, the tune creates an intense amount of euphoric emotion gearing up for a huge release in the chorus. In combination with the narrative that focuses on distant memories, your head will be filled with images of naughty moments like that one time you went home with someone your mates told you not to and being drenched with your own sweat and drinks in a club you came to on a whim after being convinced by your pals’ bad influence.

The Mancunian four-piece have created their own sound and image for their band where they can create immersive narratives like no other. ‘Fuse’ falls somewhere between an indie-rock track and electro British rave tune. It makes me miss the life we had before this mess we’re in now and is without a doubt a tune to lift you up when you’re down! Don’t sleep on Hello Cosmos because I can guarantee some absolute anthems are coming your way courtesy of them.




Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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