Home Counties – ‘Modern Yuppies’

Home Counties embrace an 80s groove in their new offering ‘Modern Yuppies’

‘Modern Yuppies’ embraces 80s materialistic culture and its sound of synths and drum machines, Home Counties, unbelievably not a band born forty years ago have turned their hand from obviously very popular guitar-heavy tunes.

Taking things in a wildly more groovy direction, the five-piece have redecorated their sound with pastel coloured shell suits and ford escort vibes! Incorporating witty lyrics and still having the slight post-punk edge to the tune, it makes for a great single ahead of the second EP – which this time is self-produced! The suffocating synth offers the band much more creative freedom by the sounds of things, and it’s bloody perfect. Seriously I don’t know of a band that has made a change as good and similar to this since the transition of Joy Division to New Order. To boil it down, it’s got the 80s groove at its heart and the gen z finish that we all know now. You’ll be taken over in dance when you spin this bop!


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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