Home Counties – ‘White Shirt / Clean Shirt’

Funky five-piece Home Counties are back with the second of their DIY lockdown singles, ‘White Shirt / Clean Shirt’.

Following their cracking EP release last year the band mixed things up for 2021 with a new 80’s swagger for their last single ‘Modern Yuppies’ combined with their well-loved wit. Their second single ‘White Shirt / Clean Shirt’ contrasts the latter single, now analysing and diving deep into the day-by-day office work of society back in the 80’s – being the absolute grey of suburbia.

Nevertheless, Home Counties stick with the sonically neon sound and lay it on even thicker with the quicker pace and slapstick lyrics. This more rambunctious sibling of ‘Modern Yuppies’ plays on the groovy hooks just as well if not better. Funk tunes with added indie attitude lead to the glorious amalgamation of Home Counties‘ newly established sound, looking forward expect bangers with more new rhythm and futuristic sounds.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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