Honey Motel – ‘Madeline’

Liverpool newbie’s Honey Motel have released their second single ‘Madeline’ which has certainly solidified this Scouse four-piece’s spot as a ‘one-to-watch’ in the indie music scene.

Madeline opens with simple guitar chords and gravelly vocals from frontman Matthew Walker. This pairing leads us through the first chorus adding layers of sleek guitar melodies, stiff drums, and glossed synths bit by bit. The second verse begins the ascent to the bridge giving us heavier drums and deeper bass. 

Tension builds throughout, eventually consuming us in what can only be described as utopia. We’re dropped into a euphoric pit of loud distorted guitar, fast-as-fuck drumbeats, and gorgeous electric phrases. This glorious bridge is fierce and passionate reflecting Honey Motel’s perception of a relationship breakdown. It’s loud, it’s ferocious and empowering to hear.

This is a track that demands to be heard live and makes you yearn for live gigs and late-night antics. ‘Madeline’ cleverly blends classic rock and synth-pop creating a track that’s full of passion, energy, and spark. Honey Motel have set the bar high with this single and we now sit with anticipation until we are able to hear this track live and in its full glory.

Ruby Flanagan

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