Honey Motel – ‘Morning Affairs’

Boom. Just like that Scouse four-piece, Honey Motel, are back with their third indie-pop single ‘Morning Affairs’.

Touching on the suffocating, ego-driven decisions we as people make, the quartet have delivered their most united single so far. Handing over the wall of sound that hits you almost instantly Honey Motel offer just a taste of what’s to come, frontman Matthew Walker transforms his voice into something passionate and demanding alongside the cacophony created by low-key bass lines, driving guitars, the occasional synth, and Honey Motels’ irreplaceable drums.

But I can be the one, won’t you deceive me some and never stop?!” Is an empowering transition into one final blowout. An angelic ending would be the only way to end this song, liberally Honey Motel come together in unison to heartfully sing in a choir-like way to bring the song to a close.

The band of four have found their feet and are working like a well-oiled machine, if you weren’t already hooked on Honey Motel, you will be now. Being able to hear ‘Morning Affairs’ live will be the light at the end of the tunnel this year.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

Photo credit: Barnaby Fairley 



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