Hot Sauce Pony tease their debut album with a beautifully haunting new single, “Burnt Ends”

A female fronted vocalist in a band always gets me excited. It gets me excited because women are under appreciated in the music industry and they don’t get enough attention and praise for what they do, but thank the lord more women know they’re in control and the stigma around female vocalists is slowly disintegrating into thin air. Which it should.

Caroline Gilchrist, the star of the track presents herself as a beautiful but haunting vocalist who captivates me with her vocality range, and it’s rather impressive. Her talent goes far and her ability to mould her voice to fit the song, lace around the snarling sounds of post-punk rawness and angry guitar strums.

Echoes of grunge and their own self styled genre, “avant hard” pierce itself into the track to make a mark. This 1:50 track is a stunning racket.

Take a listen below:


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