Hunger Moon – ‘Promises’

Hunger Moon are set to release their new single ‘Promises’ on Friday. 

Songwriting is easy, you know the verse, chorus, bridge, middle eight, and all that.

But still, it takes skill and perhaps, a certain degree of talent to take a theme or concept from a personal experience and make it really sing. It just so happens that Birmingham duo, Hunger Moon, are here to remind us that they have oodles of the said skills and talent for this particular brief, with the release of their new single ‘Promises’. It’s the kind of song you love on those cool Netflix shows like Breaking Bad or The OA… Ah, I miss The OA. They can build from the quiet to the epic quite seamlessly and with little effort, it seems but, of course, the effort is plain for anyone to hear. It’s what you’re listening to.

Natalie Jenkins’ voice is special. The music bows to her lead but does so in tandem, allowing space for her subtle vibratos to hit those emotional peaks at the right times. Vocal duties are shared with James on this one and I guess it’s too easy to draw parallels with the heart-string tugs of The XX who of course took plaudits for their minimal approach. Hunger Moon do have a basket of similar ingredients but while The XX lean towards the dance floor, Hunger Moon seem just as happy chilling in the Folk tent right now and I think hats off to them for that.

I wonder what they might sound like if they took a kind of Beach House approach? But that’s by the by. However, as they approach the future they should be on the permo-radar of all dream, melancholy pop fans everywhere. They’re on mine, kids. Get them on yours, too.

Stuart Parker

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