Idle Noise are at the forefront of the Coventry scene with their new single ‘Ghosts’

Idle Noise are always at the top of their game, whether it’s performing top notch sets or releasing music that’s perfect for any kind of mood you’re in, they have played a part in putting the Coventry scene onto the map. They’ve sold out shows including Manchester’s notorious Deaf Institute, continued to strive and it seems like nothing can get in their way.

‘Rapture’ and ‘Everybody Gets Famous’ are the two singles at the very forefront in moulding their sound perfectly even though the sounds of each song are at different ends of the spectrum – you’d know an Idle Noise song if you heard it. And of course, we haven’t had music from them for a while so their new single ‘Ghosts’ is a wonderful surprise for all of us who have listened to heavy number ‘Rapture’ too many times to count.

In the words of front man Ben Brandist “Ghosts is like ‘Everybody Gets Famous’ on steroids” and to be completely honest, he is right. It’s not quite as slow but it’s anthemic with strong, perky beats and incredible energy. Ben’s vocals roar and weave around this flawless tune effortlessly creating a huge wave of euphoria.

‘Ghosts’ is a breath of fresh air and tantalisingly cool and a very strong contender to put Idle Noise as the faces of one of the best new bands in the country.


Words: Geo Blackman 

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