Idles: (Online) Live Review @ Abbey Road

“I’ve missed it so fucking much” Speaks Talbot – an emotional rollercoaster of a return it’s been for Idles. Over the weekend Idles performed three absolute stellar online gigs from the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

I managed to be one of many lucky enough to watch their third and final show. The Bristol punks aren’t the only ones to start adapting to this new abnormal, Candid from Coventry did something similar recently at The Box. The Maine also followed suit on Saturday night. 

The set opened up with their unreleased single ‘War’ from their yet to be released new album ‘Ultra Mono’. It’s punchy and infectious, with outraged drums and the combo of Bowen and Lee’s guitar I was pulled in to the tune instantly and I was reminded of what a privilege live music really is. Just before ‘I’m Scum’ began you could see that the guys were still warming up and getting used to things, one of the reasons why they’re such a loved band is because they show that they’re only human like everybody else.

‘Faith in the City’ was dedicated to the uncle of Joe Talbot, I love that track however hard of a subject it is to talk about. Moving into ‘Samaritans’ I was full of anxiety because it’s such an important song to me and so many others, I hold it close to my heart, it taught me how to be who I am and holds such an important message for men. 

Nearing the end of the set I was overwhelmed with a feeling of never-ending gratefulness. Yet I was ready, ‘Slow Savage’, a raw song, open for scrutiny you listen through that track and it cuts deep. It’s a brave song and more than anything, heartfelt. Coming to a close Idles ended with a cover of ‘Helter Skelter’ one of the many classics from The Beatles but it was also a mashup with Placebo’s ‘Pure Morning’. There were so many things happening on the screen, drums being smashed and not just by one person. Guitars screeching like no other, this set was Idle and the full package. 

Photo Credits: Sergio Maschatzko

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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